A New Direction

DSC_0113I have been writing this blog (off and on) for almost two years and one thing I’ve noticed is what a challenge it is for me to keep up with writing my weekly posts. I recently realized that since becoming a mother that time is precious and if I didn’t dig deep and commit to doing something that I would often not find the energy to propel myself out of inertia. Having called this blog a food blog I may have limited my self expression. Perhaps it was a fitting attribute before I started a family and could focus exclusively on food. Now, I think a more inclusive tagline would be appropriate. I am still Tarte Titou, a Gestalt of two words (“tarte” representing the foodie in me, and “titou” a jovial nickname which is more nebulous and has a certain “je nais se quoi”, but my direction is shifting. Like a sunflower that follows the sunlight, I too am leaning towards the direction of my inner light. This blog will still feature food, recipes, and my photography, but will expand to reflect my thoughts on motherhood, writing, poetry, spirituality, and whatever else that catches my interest. I thank those who have visited and continue to visit my blog and hope that you will continue with me on my journey of self discovery.

~Tarte Titou (July 2011)


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