Little Chef’s Valentine Cupcakes

The December Holidays are long gone and we are in the dog days of winter. This past weekend, a Nor’easter dumped about a foot and a half of snow in the Tri-State area and more is expected for the coming weekend. So what better way to beat away the winter blues than with a Valentine’s Day inspired treat?

CB and I introduced Valentine’s Day to PDot last weekend when we bought a Thomas in Town book called, “Valentine’s Day in Vicarstown.” We talked about how this is a special day about love and friendship. It is a day when we show the people we care about how much we love them. His response was a delightful, “Oh.” He was especially excited when we said that we were baking cupcakes. We picked a Martha Stewart recipe for Devil’s food cupcakes (this type of cake is not too sweet and the addition of sour cream really turns out a super moist, spongey cake) and whipped up some vanilla buttercream frosting. We topped  it all off with beet sugar sprinkles.

A neat way to transport or store individual cupcakes in a delightful gift box is to use those take-out delivery containers. Just flip them upside down, use the lids as the base and the containers as a dome.

On St. Valentine’s Day we visited friends to deliver our special Valentines. A favorite Thomas and Friends Book of PDot’s is “The Special Delivery.” For those familiar with the Thomas repetoire, Thomas the Tank Engine always strives to be a Really Useful Engine, and PDot truly identifies with this sentiment. We sang songs while he sat on CB’s shoulders as we made our special deliveries to his teachers and friends. He declared that he was being a Really Useful Engine just like Thomas. It is tremendously fun and inspiring to experience the holidays (be it Christmas, Ground Hog’s Day, Valentine’s Day) through the eyes of a two and a half year old.


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