Two-way Thanksgiving

Duck, duck, goose, but nary a turkey is my side of the family’s Thanksgiving tradition. We cooked 6 pounds of duck breast for a party of 8, one of whom is a 2 year old. Mom made a delicate white asparagus and mushroom soup and a creamy, cheesy baked mash potato casserole. My husband cooked sweet potato mash and we collaborated on a wild mushroom dressing. My dad, as usual, worried that there wouldn’t be enough meat, so he contributed a pineapple baked ham–which we didn’t even touch. My aunt made a butter bean soup that is my soup inspiration for this week. I baked a banana chocolate bread with roasted pepitas.

P likes hanging out at Ong Ba’s house (my parent’s) because there are Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents trying to feed him various foods the whole time he’s there. As much snacking as he had, I overheard him washing his hands for dinner, “Daddy, I’m hungry, I bite you.” CB responded, “Don’t bite Daddy; We’re having duck for dinner; Bite a duck.” He arrived at the table and announced, “I want to bite a duck!” And I was excited that he DID.

In the end, we DID have Turkey after all at our friends’ annual Day-After-Thanksgiving feast. It was great fun seeing the toddlers jumping up and down on the couch dancing Oppa Gangnam style. And it wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without pie, so I baked this humble pie–a riff on the Cheddar-Crusted Apple Pie from Martha Stewart–with extra cheese and salt.



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