Drink of the Gods for One Happy Toddler

Blood, Bones, & Butter is on my nightstand, a memoir by chef proprietor of Prune, Gabrielle Hamilton. When we lived on the LES, this was a favorite bistro for spontaneous tête-à-tête dinners and hours-long reunion brunches. There’s a passage in the book where Gabrielle describes arriving in Greece, famished and exhausted and being greeted with open arms by a family friend. The first thing he fixed her was a drink of apples, honey and yogurt. This sounds delicious. Why it’s basically an apple milkshake! (ok, it’s technically a smoothie, but a Milkshake sounds more appetizing and less like a diet food) I think Pdot would be open to drinking from a straw more often if at the end of his straw is liquid ambrosia.

The next day, during Pdot’s morning nap, I pulled out my hand blender and whipped up this recipe.

Honey Apple Milkshake
1 Apple, chopped
1 C. Whole Milk
3 Tbsps. Yogurt, plain or vanilla

Chop one apple into a bowl, add milk, drizzle honey, top with heaping spoonfuls of yogurt, whiz into a fine pulp with a hand blender, and voilà, you now possess an antidote for the post-nap-grumpies!!

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