It’s Pie-day and I’m in Love!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of cupcakes! Cakes in their mini cups and their airy pretensions are staid in my books. Nowadays, I walk by a Magnolia Bakery (a slew of imitations sprouted from Mid-town to the UUES) without the slightest twinge. Let them have their cakes and eat it. This is the age of PIE!

And these are no humble pies I speak of, rather, these beauties are the leading ladies of the silver pan. Pies are versatile and approachable in nature, in dating metaphor, they are like the girl next door (Apple Pie Betty) with spunk, smarts, sense of humour, AND good looks all in one package (Tina Fey Banana Fosters Cream Pie, anyone?). They are Unitarian and undiscriminating in nature, embodying both the sweet and savory, simple and complex, mini, half, or deep dish, they suit all palates and proclivities.

And although I would like nothing more than to take credit for being the first to call it the year of the Pie, I am not. Bonny Wolf, food writer/contributer to NPR, presciently declared on January 2nd that, “Cupcakes are Dead. Long Live Pie!” And this month, Martha Stewart, the steward of All Good Things Domesticated, released a new cookbook on Pies and Tarts! (More on my visit to the Martha Stewart Pie Pop-up Shop here)

Not that I needed more reason to feel pie-inspired since I’ve been making pies since I was a little girl (a bit of humble brag there). I love the feel of the dough and how pie is the perfect delivery system to showcase summer fruits enveloped in butter, flour, and cream.

Since I’m a big fan of pronouncements (and I’ll be the first to admit that I am a little lagging in the follow-through department), I now pronounce that I shall find ways to incorporate more PIE into my everyday life.

In fact, on National Pie Day (March 14th), I feted this fine holiday with the consumption of a large apricot almond pie. If you want to know more about Pie/Pi Day, here’s a link to NPR’s Kitchen Window’s Celebrating the Pies of March.

I baked my inaugural pie last night, a chocolate crusted coconut cream pie. It’s setting up in the fridge ready for a finishing touch of whipped cream and lightly toasted coconut flakes. It’s Pie-day and I’m in Love!

Here’s the recipe for Coconut Cream Pie.


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