Where I Go To Get Inspired

With the pregnancy and baby, I have not had a moment to myself, let alone enough time to put together a coherent thought. But now that Pacman is able to entertain himself on the floor activity matt, I can finally steal a few moments to myself. Feeling uninspired as of late, I am turning to my original sources for inspiration. Yes, for food purists, what I am about to divulge as my source origine will shock and be mocked by those with well-thumbed Fannie Farmer’s Cookbook, Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, or Irma Rombauer’s The Joy of Cooking, or August Escoffier’s Le Guide Culinaire–nope it is none any of these veritable canonical culinary tomes. There, I admit it, I am a foodie-heathen. I feast with my eyes first and foremost and am a sucker for glossies filled with scintillating centerfolds of carefully doctored and air brushed photo spreads of steaming hot buns. I spent my early tween years oogling food magazines the way my peers fawned over celebrity magazines such as Cosmospolitan and Vogue. My first loves were Bon Appetit, Saveur, Gourmet, Food and Wine. I found most classic cookbooks to be too heady and wordy. Yes! Me, the nerdy, bookish girl who was bound to study English Literature, found cookbooks to be too wordy! I was inspired by PICTURES!! Inevitably in my twenties I would discover the writings of MFK Fisher and saveur the world of food writing, but my first and foremost source of inspiration is a beautifully photographed cookbook or a glossy food magazine. And speed up to 2010 now with food magazines having a strong foothold and webpresence, I can scroll through pages and pages of mouth watering images with an easy click of my mouse. I guess that’s part of the reason why I started my blog. I wanted provide a place where someone like me can turn to for inspiration (or even just for browsing). If I’m going to inspire anyone to pick up a spatula and don an apron, I have to get inspired myself, and that’s no secret to be ashamed of.

Here are a few blogs, websites I go for inspiration:

Kayotic Kitchen

Joy of Baking


Cooking with Amy

Smitten Kitchen

La Tartine Gourmande

Eric Ripert

Pastry Studio


4 thoughts on “Where I Go To Get Inspired

  1. RidgewoodMom

    I love Smitten Kitchen. I have made several recipes from her blog, and each time they turned out perfectly! But I agree, cookbook with no pictures are too wordy!

    • tartetitou

      Coming from the printing industry, what are your thoughts on the longevity of the cookbook? Do you think that cookbook apps will edge out the need/demand for card-covered, printed cookbooks?

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