Pregnancy Cravings Redux

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered. --Nelson Mandela

During the first trimester, I ate anything that I could keep down which was mostly simple carbs (potatoes, rice, and more potatoes!). When the second trimester rolled around, it was as though a veil was lifted and I was hungry for sweets. According to a BabyCenter poll of moms, sweets is the number one craving during pregnancy followed by savory and sour. My usual/non-pregnant preference is sour and savory, so I was surprised to have a sweet tooth during this time, but I thought nothing of it–it’s just part of the pregnancy hormonal shift. So instead of listing my sweet consumptions over the past 4 months, I thought I’d let the pictures speak for themselves. Hit the lights and roll the projector!

It started with a cupcake…

Citarella's Coconut Cupcake

It was surprisingly moist and had a salty icing (sounds weird I know, but it was truly tastey) that balances nicely with the sweetness of the cake.

Then there was a Flea Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookies at the Brooklyn Flea Market

French Pastries from Bouchon

Heavenly Cream Puffs!

and LOTs of them!

The TKO Cookie at Bouchon = The adult OREO cookie

A friend of mine was learning to make French Macaroons…and I offered my extra sensitive peri-natal palate…

We celebrated our anniversary at Eleven Madison Park and experienced Macaroon Heaven!!

Seven varieties of Macaroons (from left to right):

lemon poppy seed, peanut butter & jelly, celery rhubarb, coconut, raspberry linzer torte, green tea with black sesame, and banana & chocolate

Hot Cross Buns from the Breslin

These hot buns are packed with currants and candied orange and is topped with a sweet orange glaze.

You can order them to-go if you’re too stuffed from the bangers and mash!

Next door to the Breslin is a little cafe annex part of the Ace Hotel which puts out fantastic pastries.

They are usually sold out by noon, so get thee to the bakery vite vite!

While they have the standard cafe fare (croissants, danishes, etc.). I thought the stand-outs were the chocolate stout mini-loaf cakes, olive oil bundt cakes, fresh pretzels, and an intriguing beet cake with sour cream icing and toasted hazelnut (think carrot cake but made from beets).

You haven’t had donuts until you’ve had one (or more than one) of these bad boys from the Donut Plant on Grand Street

I love their jelly filled donuts which are square shaped so that there is jelly in every bite

When I visited in February, the donut of the day was creme brulee. Kill me now!!

They also sell a line of cake donuts–my favorite is the carrot cake with candied bits of carrots sprinkled over a sour cream glaze. YUM!

This is when I began my love affair with Momofuku Milk Bar

My favorite cake flavor: chocolate chip layer cake with passion fruit curd, chocolate crumbs, and coffee buttercream



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