So Which Is It–A Blueberry or Kidney Bean?!

You may be wondering where I’ve been? Have I fallen into Santa’s sleigh and become one of the many candy-striped cogs in the Kris Kringle Machine? Have I eaten my way to a happy oblivion on sugared doughnuts and eggnog? No, indeed, I have not done any of those things. So why have I been incognito for what seems like ages in the blogosphere (i.e. 2 weeks!)?

Well, here’s the big news. I’ve been bitten by the baby bump! That’s right. I got myself knocked up, sideways and off my socks. I’ve been suffering ( if you ask CB–the more likely adjective is “insufferable”) with first trimester symptoms (nausea, headaches, exhaustion, etc.). The very act of opening the fridge is enough to release a pandora’s box of rage/nausea/and disgust to sink the Titanic. But–I think my appetite is slowly regaining. With so much changing within me everyday I knew that I had to pull myself upright and resume writing, if only to document the nuttiness that is happening to me and to somehow make some sense of it all.

According to, at 7 weeks, the baby should be the size of a blueberry, and at 8 weeks a kidney bean. But have they seen the size of the organic Chilean blueberries that I get from Wholefoods?! It’s practically the size of a Lima Bean, let alone a mere Kidney. I am glad to be moving on to 9 weeks. And enough with the food comparisons already, it’s making me nauseated.

Pre-New Year’s Resolution: I promise to keep up my (somewhat) regular postings and share with you the joys of motherhood and (trying) to appease the beast within my belly. Rwwwoar!!!


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