How I Ate My Way Through Thanksgiving

Like many of you, I am still recuperating from having inhaled massive amounts of protein, potatoes, and pies. My brain is still in a state of mash-potatoes, so all I can manage is to pull together a slide show of what I consumed over the course of the 4 day eating binge. Dim the lights and start the projector!

First, there was the 25# butterball…

with requisite stuffing….

add an injection of starch….

home-made sauerkraut with bits of smoked pork belly…

a “light” Waldorf Salad…

and that’s just the savories!

and honorable mention goes to the green beans, orange-ginger carrots, and cranberry relish.

And then there were the deserts:

Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crumble with hot Vanilla Custard…

and a lemon cream pie….

oh and what didn’t even have a chance for a photo-op was the box of 50 chocolate truffles courtesy of Mr. Chocolate, Jacques Torres.

Of course, CB’s Dad couldn’t let us leave on our trip back without making sure we had a belly full of scrapple. I’ve never had scrapple before so I was in for a real down-home treat. Scrapple consists of everything except the “oink.” It’s a Pennsylvannia Dutch country classic that is a loaf of pigs scraps (i.e., offals, heart, liver, head) that is binded with flour, herbs, and spices. It looks like a pate and tastes like pate before pate went to college to study abroad in Paris in its junior year.

Here’s Dad slicing up the Scrapple….

and here it is after it’s fried so that there’s a thin, crispy layer on the outside and a soft, custard-like oozy inside.

I certainly enjoyed the heck out of it!


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