Wickedly Good Weekend


We took CB’s Mom to see Wicked at the Gershwin theatre on Saturday. I’m not a big Broadway musical fan, so I was surprised to find it quite entertaining. It’s not common to find a Broadway play with two female leads, and the two ladies who played Glinda and Elphaba were delightful and very talented in their own ways. After the show, we had a light dinner at Bouchon in the Time Warner Center. We had tomato soup and grilled cheese (fontina and gruyere) with a simple mesclun salad. To top off the night, we headed over to the bakery counter for TKO (which tastes like a grown up version of an Oreo) and Linzer Tart cookies.


The culinary highlight of my weekend was going to the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday. Brooklyn Flea is a mishmash of a craft fair and garage sale, and takes place every weekend in two locations (Fort Greene and Dumbo, under the Brooklyn Bridge). It has the usual grandma tchotchkes, wobbly side tables, vintage clothing and sour-smelling melamine jewelry. Not to disparage them because I love an old flea bargain as much as any Park Slope hipster.

But what’s unexpected and delightful were the food vendors! I think I died a lard-induced heart-attack and went to diabetic heaven!!IMG_6404

There was Pizza Moto, a mobile wood-burning oven pizzeria where I wolfed down a Margherita pizza with spicy pepperoni. Then it was onto Choncho’s Tacos for fish tacos of deep-fried cod in a light batter with all the fixings: green onions and cream sauce, tomatillo salsa, red onions and cabbage with a twist of lime. Then there were the pickle duos–Rick’s Picks and McClure’s Pickles. I’ve been a long time fan of Rick’s Picks. My favorites are his Caul of the Wild (Cauliflower pickled in a golden curry brine) and Smokra (Okra smothered in paprika with a kick of cayanne pepper).


CB scored a 2 lb. jar of Garlic and Dill Spears from McClure’s Pickles. We were informed that you can make more pickles by adding fresh cukes to the brine, or if booze is your inclination, add the brine to kick up your Bloody Mary.

So what else was there that was good to eat? There were two chocolate vendors (Nunu Chocolates which had delicious caramel truffles and a vegan, non-diary chocolatier, Fine + Raw Chocolate). There were beautiful and tasty apple turnovers, plum tarts, and cookies the size of flying saucers. I couldn’t resist getting one of the huge chocolate chip cookies that a perfect ratio of walnuts and semi-sweet and dark chocolates in every nibble. Also there were lobster rolls, pappusas which were corn tortillas stuffed with meat and cheese, and kimchi hot dogs from Asia Dog.

It wasn’t all about food though. I scored a framed 1950’s Baby Ruth ad for five buckaroos: “Candy enriched with Dextrose!”



2 thoughts on “Wickedly Good Weekend

  1. RidgewoodMom

    My GOD!!! How ever did you make it home?? The fish tacos by far were the most intriguing! Love a good fish taco!

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