Custom-Made Chocolates

I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon a new chocolate shop in Soho. Off the Bowery and First Street, in a little known alley appropriately coined “Extra Place” is a small “Bespoke” chocolate shop. This sweet venture, about 1 years old, was started by Chocolatier, Rachel Zoe, a French Culinary Institute alumna.

The delightful confections are indeed, Bespoke, an adjective or transitive verb meaning to be custom-made. Each chocolate is crafted by hand in small batches, and composed with astute attention to chocolate’s complexity in terms of quality, processing, and varietal.

My favorites were the Pretzel-Covered-Sea-Salt-Caramel and the Strawberry Balsamic truffles.

Definitely worth a look-and-taste!


Bespoke Chocolates
6 Extra Place
New York NY, 10003


One thought on “Custom-Made Chocolates

  1. frankiesmom12

    How on earth did you stumble upon this place? I looked at the location on the map! But I have to say, now I must check it out…

    Yummy CHOCOLATES!!!

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