The November Issue

I am very sad to hear that after nearly 70 years, the upcoming November issue of Gourmet magazine will be its last.

Among the pantheon of epicurean pubs, Gourmet stood out among its peers and treaded where others feared to tread, particularly during the past decade under the editorial leadership of Ruth Reichl, former NY Times food critic.

I listened to an NPR interview with Ms. Reichl who described that the purpose of the magazine was to see the world through the prism of food. Gourmet through her hands curated not only recipes and good writing; food was examined far beyond culinary roots, but branched towards geo-political, environmental, sustainability, and literary conversations.

While it is regrettable to see one of my favorite food magazines go by the way side, it’s a clear sign of the zeitgeist.

But on the bright side, fans of Ms. Reichl can look forward to “seeing” her on the new Public Television series, “Gourmet’s Adventures With Ruth,” which debuted this past Sunday on PBS.


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